Stock Hair Pieces, Your Way

The Next Generation of Hair Replacement

Finally, a hair replacement company you can count on. If you’re sick of getting jerked around, don’t want to sign your life away on program hair and are tired of the cost and inconsistency associated with other hair replacement companies, you are in the right place!

You’ve got options. We’ve got hundreds of pieces IN STOCK (yep, physically on our shelves and ready to ship right now). Over 50 different color choices and 5 different styles to choose from.

No Strings. Really – no strings. Our prices are the same whether you buy 1 piece a year or 10. No convoluted programs – you buy what you want, when you want.

Shop with Confidence. We know once you try our stock pieces, you’ll be hooked. That’s why we’re comfortable offering a flexible return or exchange policy on all stock pieces. Don’t like it? Send it back for a refund – NO questions asked!

Meet Our Models:

The Chairman

Lace and Thin Polyurethane Skin

Stock Chairman Hair Piece

Our most popular system! Featuring an undetectable Hollywood Lace front coupled with Scalloped Thin Skin behind the lace front eliminating any obvious lines where materials connect for a perfectly natural appearance.

The President

Thin Polyurethane Skin

Stock President Hair Piece

Finally, an affordable, natural and durable solution for Polyurethane lovers! Our high quality and durable PU will give you a longer lasting system without sacrificing the natural appearance you expect from a thin skin unit!



Fine Mono with Thin Skin PU Edge

Stock CEO Hair Piece

Not your Grandad’s fine mono piece. Our take on a classic – we start with our ultra durable fine mono and finish off with a thin skin edge allowing for easy attachment and a super natural appearance!

The Executive

Our All Lace Piece

Stock Executive Hair Piece

If you’re a lace fanatic, you’re going to love this piece. Features a super fine Hollywood Lace front with durable Welded Mono back giving you a completely natural looking piece that won’t go flat.


The Director

Fine Mono with Fine Welded Mono Scalloped Front Edge

Stock Director Hair Piece

A cut above the rest! The Director is an upgrade from the CEO featuring a durable yet natural mono base paired with a super fine welded mono scalloped front. For anyone who wants the look of superfine lace and the durability of mono.