Hair Replacement Solutions

Stock, Custom, Repairs – You Name it, We Do It (for less)

Hair Replacement SolutionsWhether you’re looking for an affordable off-the-shelf solution, a custom hair piece, a duplicate of your current piece, or a no-bullshit repair service, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got hundreds of hair pieces in stock that can be shipped to your doorstep in 24 hours. We can create a full custom hair piece to your exact specifications for what most companies charge for their “stock” systems.  We can make an exact duplicate of any hair piece from any company.  We can repair that system your dog got a hold of. You name it, we do it.  

Don’t think for a minute that our low prices mean low quality. It’s a little known fact that the majority of hair systems produced all come from the same general region in Asia and use the same general quality hair and materials. The only difference is what the hair replacement company chooses charge for the finish product. We’re not looking for one-off, big ticket sales. We don’t want to rope you into a monthly payment plan.

We want to get you in the best possible hair for you, at the lowest price, because we know you’ll keep coming back again and again.

Stock Hair Pieces

Chairman Stock Hair PieceIn a bind and need hair fast? Sick of the high price tag and long delivery times on custom hair replacement systems? Our stock pieces are just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve got literally hundreds of hair pieces in stock (yep, literally sitting on our shelves) available for immediate shipping – the only thing you have to wait for is the postman.

We’ve put our 40+ years of experience in the hair replacement industry to work and created 5 universal base styles that cover the needs of just about any hair wearer.

Whether you’re looking for polyurethane or a fine lace front, we’ve got a piece for you – and it’s in stock and ready to ship!

The best part is the pricing – our stock pieces start at just $187 for any color and come standard with our money back guarantee. No strings attached, no monthly payments, no programs. Just top quality hair pieces delivered to your door in as little as 24 hours… And did we mention these hair pieces are not available ANYWHERE else?

Try a Stock Hair Piece today and see why so many people are switching to HN hair.

Custom Hair Pieces

Custom Hair PiecesLet’s face it… despite our best efforts (and we really do try), not everyone can make a stock piece work. If you’re in need of a custom hair replacement solution, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got years of experience working on custom hair pieces and toupees for clients all around the world. We only work with manufacturers we know personally, and we don’t settle for anything but the best.

Send us an old system, a pattern, or set up a consultation and get started today. We can work with any base style or material you can throw at us, and best of all, you’ll save big by buying at our low wholesale rate.

With custom hair starting at $375, we’re sure you’ll be saving money. And to prove it, we’ll match any of our competitors’ prices.

Learn more about Custom Hair and get started today risk free!

Hair Piece Duplication

Hair Piece DuplicationAlready have a hair piece you’re comfortable with? We think that’s great! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it for a much lower price! Send us an old piece and we can make an exact duplicate of it, and potentially save you thousands of dollars every year. We’ve worked with pieces of all shapes and sizes, and we’re sure we can produce an exact duplicate of yours, and save you money at the same time. The best part is, we can get it all done in a timely fashion, we only need your existing hair piece for 1 day, and we can ship it back to you immediately and you can reorder forever, hassle free.

Our pricing for duplication is the same as for regular custom hair, starting at just $375. Just like our custom hair replacement service, if you can find another company that will duplicate your unit for less – let us know and we will happily match their price.

Learn more about our Duplication services and start saving money NOW!

Hair Repair

Hair Piece RepairAt HN, our motto is “Why buy new hair when you can repair?” Many of our competitors will not offer hair repair services, or 9 times out of 10 will tell you your hair piece is irrepairable. The truth is, almost every hair piece can be easily repaired regardless of what’s wrong with it.

Our competitors make very little profit by offering repair services, and would much rather sell you a brand new high ticket hair piece. We think you should always have the option to repair, and as much as we would love to sell you a brand new hair piece (trust us, we would), we’re even happier to help you save a ton of money by giving new life to an old piece.

Stop throwing away old hair pieces and start repairing now! Our $75.00 “umbrella fee” covers just about any repair to your hair piece you can think of. You’ll have a hair piece that looks like new for under 100 bucks!

Learn More about Hair Repairs and breath new life into your dead hair pieces!

Women’s Hair Replacement Services

Women's Hair ReplacementOften for women, finding the right hair replacement system can be a long and expensive task. We know how sensitive this can be and our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. We put a lot of time and effort into working with each individual client to make sure the hair replacement system is produced right, the first time.

Whether you’re looking for an integration for a full blown custom hair replacement, we’ve got the solutions you need to fit both your head and your budget. Starting at just $375, our hair replacement options are an exceptional value for the level of quality we provide, and we will spend as much time with you individually as necessary to ensure you get a hair piece that’s right for you.

Learn more about our women’s hair replacement services and get the ball rolling today!

HN NextGen Fiber Hair Replacement Systems

HN NextGen FiberWe’re always looking for new products, and new ways to make our hair replacement systems more long lasting and cost effective. Our NextGen Fiber is a revolutionary new synthetic hair product designed to maximize apperance and signifigantly increase longevity of a hair replacement. You may have seen similar products like “Cyber Hair” being sold in professional hair replacement salons around the country for thousands of dollars. We’ve developed a similar product that is not available exclusively at Hair-Necessities, and priced at a wholesale level.

We currently offer custom solutions for both men and women. Starting at just $500, you will not find a quality product like this being sold anywhere else.

Learn more about HN NextGen Fiber and take advantage of this exclusive technology today!