Daily Wear Hair Systems

Lately I’ve had a few questions regarding Daily Wear systems so I thought the time was right to set the record straight.

Basically the only hair system I would not recommend for Daily Wear would be a Super Super Thin Skin(prophylactic thin).  All the others can easily be used for Daily Wear as well as extended wear.  The thing to remember is that most hair replacement systems on the market today were designed using thin skins and laces for the best appearance possible and the intent of the retailer is to get the customer in great looking hair, bond or fuse the system on and keep the client coming back every 4 weeks for cleaning, reattaching and a service fee.  Then when the hair starts looking bad the hair is replaced–for a charge.  This makes much more fiscal sense to a retailer than selling you a hair replacement showing you how to apply tape, showing you how to remove the tape and clean the system and sending you on your merry way not to return for up to a year before you need a new system and maybe selling you a few bags of tape and shampoo in between.

Daily Wear hair systems are not the friend of the retailer.  Daily Wear hair systems mean you are independent and free to wear your hair when you want to.  Some will wear their hair on a daily basis putting it on in the morning and taking it off in the evening, some will wear their hair when they feel like it, for special occasions or only during the work week and let their heads “Breathe Free” the balance of the time.  It is truly your choice to make.  Now best to know a few things if you want to go to Daily Wear.  First, if you’re wearing a system that has thin skin or delicate lace be sure to have appropriate adhesives and tape and be aware of how you remove your system as well as the tape or adhesive to avoid tearing the base, lace front or pulling out hair.  Always use a solvent before taking the tape or adhesive off the system.  This will loosen the adhesion and allow you to remove tape and residue without putting undue stress on the base, tape tab/skin areas or delicate lace.  Second, unless you’re working out in your system or in some way causing your hair to need daily cleaning, you can clean your system safely off your head once or twice a week saving on wear and tear, fading and hair loss.  Thirdly, if you’re going with tape you can easily apply a new piece of Daily Wear tape to the tape on your system, re-activate the tape using a warm blow dryer or use an Extended Wear tape that can usually be re-applied for up to 3 or 4 times.  There are a ton of options.

If you’re thinking you want the flexibility of a Daily Wear system you might also like to consider a custom system designed to give you both a natural look and durability—Yes it is possible.  The materials for Daily Wear and Extended Wear systems are the same the only thing that changes for us is designing with your wear requirements in mind and we specialize in giving you what you want every time.  If you want to give Daily Wear a try utilizing a stock system we’ll be happy to recommend products and techniques that will assure your success.