Detangling your hair system?

I came across an interesting video today from a competitor and it really got me thinking about the quality of goods other companies in the industry are supplying to their customers. Take a look:

Detangling your hair system? I’m asking the question because I really can’t believe that there are that many hair wearers who have tangling issues to the point that an online supplier feels the need to post these instructions on YouTube.  There was a time, not so very long ago, that the process of detangling was kept to a few in the industry and was usually done as a service to the customers but the process was not given out to just anyone especially the final consumer.  I remember hearing about it and always wondered why the need, so seeing this information in such a well produced video to the consumer has me baffled.

In the production of hair goods manufacturers take care to assure the hair is processed to prevent tangling by compressing the cuticle.  Granted there are situations where the processing may not be as well done as possible and there are always cases where a batch of hair may not be processed completely but to make this information, to “Fix” a problem that starts with the manufacturer, available to the hair wearer has me concerned.

First I’m concerned because the mixture of these chemicals can be highly toxic, although warnings are given in the video, it is still a very Unsafe situation.  I’m also concerned because the hair that is used in the manufacture of hair goods is dyed using textile dyes and we all know what bleach will do to our clothing.  But my biggest concern is that there are suppliers of hair goods who aren’t standing behind their product by making the manufacturer responsible for poor quality and poor processing and then putting the solution into the hands of the consumer.  The only place where this type of procedure fits for the consumer is if they absolutely must have hair to wear and need to detangle the existing product until a replacement is received and quite frankly these situations should be very few and very far between.

Regardless of whether you purchase your system online or in a brick and mortar store the bottom line is simple; if you receive poor quality goods you deserve to have your supplier replace those items to your satisfaction and your supplier must deal with this issue directly with the manufacturer and not make this the consumers problem to deal with.

If you’re buying a hair piece intended to last only a month or so anyway, there is no excuse for that level of severe tangling!