Hair Pieces: Durability vs. Appearance

It can’t be durable and natural at the same time… FALSE.

While you can easily achieve a more natural appearance with a system that is made with lighter more delicate materials it is not impossible to get the same result with a more durable construction.

Hair replacements being made today use a variety of base materials. Recently the trend has gone towards “Program Hair” meaning you have several units, change them frequently and throw away the system when it’s time to change to a new one. What this means is that the hair retailers in the recent past demanded that the manufacturers make products that were lighter, thinner and most importantly they wanted them cheaper and faster. This is where the breakdown begins.

If you require cheaper products manufactured at a faster rate, something has to give, and that’s quality. Once the retailers started getting their cheaper faster systems in they discovered that without the quality they had only one option and that was to sell the consumer more products. Keep them “addicted” to hair and get there hands on your credit card so they could keep charging you monthly whether you needed service or a new system or NOT. Great gimmick!!

This is what has trapped so many into programs where the retailer holds the customer’s additional hair replacements hostage to keep the customer’s business. Here’s the funny part – many of those retailers are still buying your systems one or at best two at a time. It’s your monthly fee that is paying for each new system you’ll require. In our 25+ years of working with retailers, the number who have actually ordered more than 3 systems at a time for a client is next to none. They just don’t do it.

If your hair replacement provider tells you your hair piece is custom, take it with a grain of salt. Most all program hair is stock and readily available for immediate delivery from one of the big wholesalers. Fast and cheap. These systems aren’t made to last longer than 30 to 60 days. Implanted hair and loops fall out like your own growing hair. They look great, for a while, but they aren’t intended for long term wear. We see this most frequently in Skin units as they are most susceptible to breaking down more rapidly than their mesh base counterparts.

If you want durability and a natural look we can give it to you. You won’t be using some of the materials they say are necessary for a natural look, but we’re certain you’ll be happy with the end result. It’s all a matter of taking your desires and your lifestyle into consideration and working with you to give you what you want and need. Remember the two areas that are most important for a natural look are the front of the hair replacement and the blending areas. Give us a call or email us. We can help.