Shampoo and Conditioning for Wigs

Begin by brushing your wig to remove any tangles. When brushing always start at the tips of the hair and work your way up to the front. This way you aren’t brushing any tangles through other tangles and avoid hair breakage. Once you have your wig thoroughly brushed hold it by the front edge and wet under a low pressure stream of lukewarm water. Once your wig is completely wet put a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and emulsify with water. Starting at the tips of the hair begin lathering by pressing the shampoo into the hair. Avoid any rubbing or scrubbing while shampooing. Work your way up to the front of your wig and press the shampoo into the base of the wig. Continue to massage the shampoo through the wig. When you feel your wig is clean hold by the front again and rinse thoroughly at least 3 minutes to assure all the shampoo has been rinsed from the hair and especially the base material. You may want to repeat the shampooing process one more time to assure all residues and buildup is removed from the base of your wig. If you find areas that are stubborn use a “SOFT” bristle tooth brush in those areas to loosen the build up.

When conditioning with a rinse out conditioner, apply the conditioner in the same manner as the shampoo avoiding the base of your wig. Conditioner should only be applied and massaged into the hair and the ends are the most important area to concentrate on. Allow the conditioner to stay on the hair for a minimum of 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly for a minimum of 3 minutes. It is essential that you remove as much conditioner from the base as possible so try not to get any conditioner on the base at all.

Once your wig is cleaned and conditioned place it on a clean absorbent towel and gently roll the wig into the towel pressing to remove any excess moisture. Remove from the towel, hold by the front and gently shake the wig to fluff the hair. Using a broad brush or wide tooth comb starting at the tips of the hair go through your wig to smooth and remove any tangles there may be. Once you’ve combed through the hair shake the wig again to fluff the hair.

It’s best to place your wet wig on an open wig stand as opposed to a Styrofoam or canvas wig block. This allows your wig and base to dry completely. If using a hair dryer, we recommend an Ionic dryer and dry the wig holding the front and working the dryer through the hair as well as the base. You shouldn’t dry completely with the dryer. Leave the wig slightly damp and continue to air dry.

If you use a tape tab for tape or adhesive be sure to wipe these areas with alcohol before applying tape to assure all conditioner residue is removed from the tape tab areas.