Why Are You Here?

If you’ve managed to find your way to HN, you’re probably either:

  1.  Someone new to wearing hair looking to get some questions answered
  2. Someone who’s sick of getting screwed over by their current supplier
  3. One of our competitors trying to figure out why all their clients are leaving them for us

If you’re new to wearing hair and you managed to find us – consider yourself lucky!

Most hair wearers have had to go through horrible experiences with retail salons and clubs, and our online competitors before finally finding a home here. We’re here to help you get started on your path to practical, affordable hair replacement that looks great.

If you’re here because you’re sick and tired of getting jerked around by our competitors or paying extravagant prices for something that quite simply shouldn’t be that expensive, don’t worry – we’re here to make your life easier!

If you’re one of our competitors trying to figure out why all your customers are bailing on you and coming to us, read on – you might learn a thing or two about the right way to treat your clients.

HN vs. the Other Guys

Our Philosophy

We’ve been around hair replacement for a long time. We have many years of experience working in the wholesale end of the hair replacement industry with some of the biggest names  like New Man and Apollo.

We know firsthand just how shady this business can be, and our aim has always been to try to provide salon quality pieces at fair prices coupled with honest and responsive customer service, and keep our customers coming back again and again.

Armed with vast insider knowledge of the industry, we developed Hair-Necessities on behalf of consumers that have been getting ripped off for years by programs, salons and our online competitors. 

Our business model is pretty simple – we put a very modest markup on our hair replacement systems, we keep our overhead low so we can keep our prices low, and we strive to keep every single customer into the most practical solution for them, not the most expensive.

Our Hair

One thing that many hair wearers don’t realize is that nearly all hair systems are produced in the same general region in Asia, and generally are produced from the same pool of resources in terms of hair and base materials.  It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a piece from Richard Farrell at $2500+, Hair Direct at $400+ or spending under 200 bucks with us.

Regardless of where you buy your hair, in most cases you are going to get the same general thing. The main difference between us and the other guys is how they choose to hype up their product, and how much they mark it up.

Hype and marketing gimmicks are a huge part of this industry and a big reason why our competitors have been able to get away with charging hundreds, to thousands of dollars more for what basically amounts to the same thing we offer for under $200.

We may not be making hundreds to thousands of dollars in profit every time we sell a customer a new piece, but we have a funny habit of keeping our customers coming back again and again, and that’s what drives us to keep going.

You can be absolutely sure that paying a lower price with us does not, under any circumstances, mean that you are sacrificing quality. In fact we welcome the opportunity to have you compare our less than $200 stock piece to that extravagant system from Richard Farrell or Hair Club.

We think you’ll be amazed by how well our stock pieces stack up against the competition!