Custom Hair Designed FOR YOU ONLY!

For far too long hair wearers have paid big money for custom hair replacements that aren’t really customized to meet the individuals wants and needs.  But No More!

Hair Necessities custom hair program has been designed to give each customer an absolutely personalized and customized hair replacement product that not only looks the way you want, more importantly it’s designed to respond and style with the least amount of effort.

Often when orders are placed with the factory you’ll find too much or too little density is ordered, the unit doesn’t look balanced on the head and the final hair style may not be taken into consideration making it the stylist responsibility to perform a miracle and manipulate the hair to look the way the customer prefers.  Often this creates a problem that is only exacerbated by daily restyling and manipulation of the hair causing breakage and bald spots.

At Hair Necessities each new order is written up after a discussion with Mary where she will take your requests for specifications as well as your lifestyle and budgeting needs into account when personally designing your UNIQUE one-of-a-kind custom system.  All your specifications will be kept on file and future order placement is a phone call, text or email away.   And you can always tweak your order as we go along.

Send a template or old unit that still fits, hair sample or standard color number, any paperwork you may have from past suppliers, your contact information and the best time to talk.  We’ll make a phone appointment and get started.  Send your materials to:

HN Tech Service  1811 Morgan Ave N  Minneapolis, MN 55411

(Photo’s, diagrams and hair style pictures send to: )