Our Promise

We promise to always be honest with you.

We will never make commitments we can’t keep just to make a sale.

We promise to always try to find the best solution for you at the lowest price.

If there’s even a remote chance we can get you in a stock piece for under $200 and avoid customs, you can be sure we are going to try. It’s cheaper, more consistent and more reliable. 

We promise to promptly process your orders.

We can’t guarantee delivery, but we can promise that your hair isn’t going to be stuck here on our shelves.

We promise to try our best to make you a satisfied customer.

Although we would love to “guarantee” your satisfaction, nobody is batting 1000. All we can do is try our best.

Why We Don’t Guarantee

100% money back; Satisfaction guarantee; Guaranteed delivery; Rush Delivery; Risk Free; Hassle Free…

If you’ve ever shopped with another hair replacement provider, you’ve probably heard all kinds of marketing jargon like this.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from being in business since 2005, it’s that there are no guarantees on anything!

The simple reason is that in an industry like hair replacement, there are factors that we are not always 100% in control of. What we can do is promise to always be the best at the things we can control.

We’re not going to let our mouth write a check our butt can’t cash!