HN Success Stories

Real client results. No doctored photos. No Fancy Studio. No script.

Unlike the typical hair replacement company, we like to let our actual results do the talking. Rather than set up a studio and hire professional models, we've asked our actual clients who have been wearing our hair to send in photos and stories - people from all different walks of life. We don't need expensive studio lighting, a makeup and hair crew and a photoshop expert to make our hair look natural.

All the photos and stories you see below are 100% authentic and the results speak for themselves.

I am wearing the President and I love it!

I have always had kind courteous customer service..... my hair stylist said the quality of the hair piece is excellent.. mary is always helpful with any questions I may have.

I realize its Vacation time in Mosquito land, and your winters are hard enough. This may be why there is some delay. Though my first two orders were here fast enough. I haven’t touched the stock piece yet. I’m looking at the cost of quality thinning sheers. Windblown on the Sternwheeler.

Glad I found Hair-Necessities. They keep me looking great.

Testimonial: Great quality and fast service at an affordable price

Testimonial: I was quite worried ordering a new hair piece from someone other than my hair stylist, but I couldn't continue paying $600 for a new system every 6-8 months. When I contacted Hair Necessities everyone was extremely helpful. The hair system I received was a much better match to my real hair, and it happened to be a stock piece! Now I am very excited and happy to know that I can afford a hair system when I need it and receive it in no time! Thank you!

Your Products are GREAT! I have been very satisfied with every order. Thanks for great customer service -GBaker

I love doing business with Hair Necessities.....Mary and staff always do such a superb job of handling my order and in  expediting it in wizard fashion. I love my hair, and am frequently complemented on my up to date and stylish look, even by hair dressers who don't even know I am wearing a hair system. Their response is always, "I would have never known." Of course, that is the real bottom line when you are wearing "added hair."  Mary is also such a wonderful consultant, and patient and helpful in handling all of the questions I have for her. She is extremely knowledgeable and a professional in her own right, so I can really count on her to advise me in the right direction. I just wished she were available to be my personal stylist! It is such a pleasure to do business with a Company that offers such quality products, and is in tune with the needs of its customers. You can always count on Mary and her staff to handle your hair needs in the most efficient and helpful way possible!

-E Dennis

I am confident in who I am , I felt that it was going to be good , I just didn't know it was going to be that good . I don't have to worry about looking bald anymore , thanks to Hair Necessities I recovered my confidence in my appearance , I feel great when people make positive comments about how young and good I look

Love your cut down systems. I've been doing it a long time and it works great for me. Thanks Larry O.

Hi It was a great hair piece for the cost! I would recommend to anyone!!
Thanks -Ashok

Hello, Really enjoying the Executive. Not too bad for a guy who cuts his own?. Regards - J. Stewart

I am extremely pleased with this system. The color and cut was right on, and I saved A LOT of money not having to go to a stylist for the cut ! Thanks again ! Frank G

I love the system I am currently wearing and I love the products as well.
The staff is always good to me -Russel Buchanan

Testimonial: I was a member of hair club for over a year and have tried several places since then and the piece I got from you guys is the best I've ever ordered. Also the extended wear tape I ordered is great. Thank you so much!

The service is golden and shipment time for the product to arrive at your door step is far above satisfaction my first try. The product is very comfortable, undetectable, which adds confidence, and style to your daily routine of life. I was sold the first time I put on hair necessities

Love my new system and saved about $400, thanx! I'm wearing it now here's a pic of me at airport on route to Maui. Aloha and thanx again! - Ben Mills

Testimonial: I have been a customer for almost 4 years now. The products are top quality and the service is excellent !

Photo of me wearing the Chairman color 1B-40% Gray. Long lasting and easy to manage! I love to buy my hair pieces at HN . I don't have to wait 7 or more weeks to get them. I wear the CEO also, both are excellent pieces. -Art

Hi There,   I would like to thank you for a great and fair priced product. I have been in hair for 10 years starting with Advanced Hair. I have also sourced hair direct from China and Hair Direct in the USA. Pricing has been from in excess of $1500.00 NZ with Advanced Hair to $95.00 US from China. I dumped Hair Direct as I felt they were getting greedy and their shipping prices were ridiculous!, and I stopped buying from China, because of the communication difficulties. I had my HN unit fitted today and it’s great – the colour matched perfectly and the build quality is just as good if not better than HD or AH. (Kiehly Mitchell my stylist is ordering from you as well) Please see photos attached as requested and congratulations on a great product and a fair price.

Your products are second to none. Top quality and competitive pricing are the reasons I choose your company for all of my hair replacement needs. Thank you again and you can count on me to be a loyal customer or yours. RT Schultz

I have used "Hair Necessities" for a number of years now and have been totally delighted with not only their prices but,  for their quality and excellent service.

Hi Mary, I enjoyed talking to you today. This is the email I had sent with the photo on January 16. Thanks for your excellent help as always.

Dear Mary, You are on my favorite list of people from now on. You have done an excellent job, and I am very thankful. for next order I definitely will contact you, and I even wouldn't mind driving all the way to your place. Hair quality and unseen hair cutting is fabulous. You have done a great job. THANK YOU Paul

Hi mary, "A VERY BIG THANK YOU" wow i received my hair piece yesterday and all i can shout out is Yes you have got me covered 100% Great Product, ill soon re order my second hair piece once again many thanks.

"Latest unit. Works for me. Thanks for shipping three more to me..."

HN has quality hair pieces for a reasonable price. The pieces are very durable, very easy to maintain and style. As you can see from the photo they are undetectable.

Me in one of your hair pieces

Hi,Mary and HN, your hair pieces are the best! Thanks for your excellent service, I am very happy to find your web site, as you know I have been ordering different pieces for over a year and I am very satisfied with the pieces. I cut the base 8 and a halve by six inches, I cut it shorter in the front and sides and leave the back long. All the pieces are excellent, I wear the CEO 1 B with 30 or 40 % gray, is very easy to handle and last me quite a while. I am a retired professional ,but I like to work around my house and I live in the tropic where is hot all year. I swim in my pool with the hair on and sweat ,the pieces I wear are easy to clean and durable, have no complaints and also I find your prices fair. The president is also very durable and strong, but is not wise for me to wear it often due to the high temperatures of my country Puerto Rico. I still need to try the Chairman and the Executive,but I am sure they are excellent pieces. I have been wearing a toupé for the last 14 years ,tried different stores and hair clubs, but since I found HN I would stick to it 'till the end. Thanks HN for all the good ,fast and reliable service. Best regards, Art (an HN satisfied customer since 2010)

More than I expected. Truly a quality unit. I have paid up to 4 times as much for this quality. the secret is in the cut and the color. Make sure you carefully match the color to your own hair and then have it professionally cut by Hair Necessities. The website is second to NONE in userfriendliness and ease. They are also avaialble to serve simply by picking up a phone and calling. THANK YOU Hair Necessities!

I am not a natural blonde. L' Oreal 8.5 Champagne Blonde over bleached/ color lifted hair is a perfect match to 23 lightest blonde Your product is virtually the same as what I was accustomed to paying four times as much for. That's four hairpieces for the price of one! Attractive, undetectable , and easy to style!

Hassle free ordering, is one less worry for me! I have been using "Hair Necessities", for several years now and for quality, price and service, they can't be beat! The Chairman is Great!

Hi Folks Here are a few pix wearing one of your stock hair systems, and a couple "before". I've had hair grafts a long time ago, so I had some hair on my head, but not enough, esp. in the back, it had continued to thin. Finally made the decision to shave the thinning area and wear one of your systems. I am a hairstylist, it is so great to have hair I can style again, and not just camo w/ hair fibers and spray into place. Gotta say I love this hair. Thanks

I am a customer using the President product.  It has been very manageable and styles easily. It has also been very durable.  Attached is an image of me in the hair system.

I'm Jordan Rhodes and I've been an actor for all of my adult life. Having lost my hair early in my twenties, I've worn hair pieces & hair systems for years, in all types of action on the screen, Gunbattles, chases, and here on Adam-12 struggling with one of the cop-stars. Even tried transplants for awhile. Today, I wear systems from HAIR-NECESSITIES. Order them on-line and they're the best. For years I paid hundreds of dollars for hair systems, but HAIR-NECESSITIES not only keeps me looking good on screen or off, but they are affordable and look great. No one has to be an actor to want to look their best. So whether I'm working in a film, on stage or just going out for an evening, I always feel like I look my best with the help of HAIR-NECESSITIES. Check them out on the Internet or give them a call. They can do a custom system just for you for hundreds less than anything you can get from Hollywood, and they offer Stock Systems right out of the box that will work for most people - and the cost is truly unbelievable! You don't have to go without hair unless you want to - and you don't have to be an actor to afford the best! HAIR-NECESSITIES, right from the comfort of your own home.

“HN hair systems and their personalized customer service have basically changed my life. I have a level of confidence I have never experienced before. Besides having the best and most affordable product I have ever come across in many years of searching, if I could pinpoint and headline that one thing that stands out and makes all the difference between HN and all those other companies, it’s the personal and compassionate service. For most of us who have been “short changed” up top, this is a very sensitive and somewhat embarrassing thing to deal with. The kindness and personal attention from those at HN have literally made me feel… well, like family.” Bobby, CA

I love the system great quality And hair tech had no problems with it cutting in Ty very much I'm very happy with it.