I love doing business with Hair Necessities…..Mary and staff always do
such a superb job of handling my order and in  expediting it in wizard
fashion. I love my hair, and am frequently complemented on my up to date and
stylish look, even by hair dressers who don’t even know I am wearing a hair
system. Their response is always, “I would have never known.” Of course,
that is the real bottom line when you are wearing “added hair.”  Mary is
also such a wonderful consultant, and patient and helpful in handling all of
the questions I have for her. She is extremely knowledgeable and a
professional in her own right, so I can really count on her to advise me in
the right direction. I just wished she were available to be my personal
stylist! It is such a pleasure to do business with a Company that offers
such quality products, and is in tune with the needs of its customers. You
can always count on Mary and her staff to handle your hair needs in the most
efficient and helpful way possible!