“What’s going on!?”

Hello all!  I know, it’s been forever since my last blog post and boy have things changed in the hair industry.  It’s really a sad story but I think you should all know what’s going on.

Contrary to what my competitors may imply, the hair replacement industry is about as low tech as you can get.  The raw material hair comes from humans, with the exception of Yak Hair, the rest comes from our fellow man or probably woman living in Asia.  The mesh materials are manufactured but the construction of the bases is all hand done including the applications of polyurethane and silicones.  And of course, the largest human element are the Ventilators.  They’re the people who sit bent over for at least 12 hours a day and in many cases 7 days a week, laboring intently, knotting hair’s 1, 2, 3 at a time into the fine mesh and thin polyurethane to bring you a product that you will wear to enhance your appearance.  IT’s ALL HAND MADE!!!  Keep that in mind.

Back in November of 2020 the Covid virus was just starting to take off in China and by January of 2021 we were all seeing the effects of this fast-moving pandemic and there was no treatment yet developed. Hair goods were being shipped via China, but the Chinese factories have been using labor from North Korean and Chinese prisons and at that time the vast majority of all hair goods were being built and ventilated in North Korea.  When Covid hit, the work force died.  Sad but true, the Chinese companies needed to bring the production back to China, but they were faced with an extremely small work force that needed to learn everything from scratch.  Many companies, HN included lost a lot of orders when the boarders were shut down and those have proven to be a complete loss to everyone.

Sadly, with the loss of workers my main product, stock hair pieces, were no longer available.  So, after 12 years of converting my customers from wearing custom hair to stock hair, this business model has come to an abrupt end and I’ve been forced, once again to reinvent myself and my business.

That being said, here’s what’s going on now.  The HN website is being redesigned.  We will have a “Create Your Own Piece” custom ordering section that will make it so easy to order a custom with all options clearly available for you to choose from in a drop-down format.  We’ve made it simple and clear to follow and you can start your custom order with a base design you’ll recognize from our popular stock hair pieces.  You will be able to choose from the models, Chairman, CEO, President and we’ve even added 2 old favorites the Director and Executive to give you the most popular material options and base designs that have been used over the years by the industries best retailers, there’s something for everyone.  And if that isn’t what you’re looking for we can always build whatever construction and material coordination you can dream of.  In the meantime you can get an order going by visiting: https://store.hair-necessities.com/create-your-own-piece/ .  Currently we only have the Chairman, CEO and President models available on the site but you can go to the comments section and request any base design you’d like simply choose any of the other 3 and I’ll be sure to get you the model you want.    Be sure to keep your eyes out for the new site and a new approach to custom ordering hair pieces.  And don’t forget we have a large assortment of tapes, adhesives and support material available to help keep you looking good.  And remember, here at HN “We’ve Got You Covered”! (custom prices start at $325)

All the best—Mary

P.S. We’re also getting great delivery times of 12 to 15 weeks others are quoting 6 to 8 months 😉