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Have you discovered it’s beginning to take longer and longer to wash your face? Does your wife and coworkers continually make jokes and sarcastic comments about your receding hairline? It is starting to wear a bit thin now? (Pun intended). If yes, you have landed on the right page. I have a couple of solutions for you. The first is a little more complex and time consuming but it works. As you have seen, many men look quite handsome being bald and so can you by using what I call the Hollywood Method.


  • The first suggestion would be shave the remainder of your head and to grow facial hair. The right beard to match your facial structure can help quite a bit. Spicing your look up by wearing the right clothes, including sunglasses helps a lot as well.
  • Another thing would be to have a tan scalp, accomplished naturally by the sun, tanning booth or applied tanner.
  • All of the above help but really should be combined with a daily trip to the gym for a vigorous workout to get buffed. Such a routine should begin to get you there in 4 months to a year. Think, actors Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


The Hollywood method can be a great way to change your look and build confidence, but it may not be a fit for everyone. The cons are it can take a long time, can be costly, and, quite frankly, for some of us who are not quite as blessed with rugged male model facial genes, it might not help much after all.


I personally discovered a far less expensive alternative and one that gave me an immediate and dramatic change in my look and instantly boosted my confidence levels astronomically. In addition, it immediately put a stop to all the “funny” jokes and puns at my expense. I invested in myself by investing in a hair replacement system from HAIR NECESSITIES. You can do the same and for far less than the Hollywood method.

I suggest you begin with a visit to the HN Read some of the testimonials of their customers and view the dramatic pictures. Now imagine your own after picture!


  • Look over and familiarize yourself with some of the different hair systems available and how easy it is to use and take care of them, and of course how reasonably priced they are.
  • No doubt you will probably have some questions. No worries, their knowledgeable and dedicated staff have all the answers. They are sensitive to your needs and will make you feel like family on that first call. (612)-423-7483
  • If you are already leap-years ahead and have been enjoying the benefits of a quality hair system, be sure you check out the special sales on HN as well what new products and improvements are here now or arriving soon.


Now lets jump forward by a few weeks. The jokes and puns have stopped and the oohs, awes and wow’s have kept your beaming smile plastered on your face nonstop. Life for you has completely changed.  Are you ready this?  HAIR NECESSITIES.   (612)-423-7483