Shipping Information

We ship all orders with USPS. Why USPS? Because they offer the lowest shipping prices by far. We only charge you the actual USPS shipping cost on every item we ship. Your shipping cost will be calculated in real-time before you check out, and shipping totals are based on the actual weight of the products being shipped.

When do you Ship My Item Once the Order is Placed?

We try to ship all in stock hair pieces within 24 hours of ordering, and we especially make sure all Express Mail orders are promptly shipped. Generally we do all of our shipping every weekday between 1:00 and 3:00 PM Central time. If you place your order after 3:00 PM you should expect it to be shipped by 3:00 PM the following business day. If you have an emergency or absolutely need an order to be shipped immediately, please contact us ahead of time.

We typically do not ship on Saturday or Sunday, but Saturday shipping is a possibility in the event of an emergency. Please contact us as early as possible to make arrangements.

What Shipping Method Should I Choose?

If you’re ordering a hair piece you will have 2 options for shipping – Priority Mail and Express Mail. Priority Mail generally takes 2-3 days for delivery and costs around 5 bucks to ship a single hair piece. Express Mail is for overnight shipping – although it is NOT guaranteed overnight by USPS, in most cases units are delivered overnight. Express Mail typically costs between $15 – $20 to ship a single piece.

First Class Mail is also an available option if you are ordering items other than hair pieces. This is a great choice if you’re ordering smaller items like 1 or 2 bags of tape. We strongly recommend shipping via Priority Mail if your order is over $20.00 in value. We will still accept first class mail orders over $20.00 in value, but we will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items shipped first class. Generally this is the least safe method of shipping we offer.

Which shipping method should you choose?

We generally recommend Priority Mail unless you are in an emergency situation. The savings is substantial and shipping time is similar. If you need a unit shipped overnight with a guarantee, we will need to ship with FedEx, so please contact us for details.