Hair wear in the time of Covid-19

We find ourselves in a very curious and unsettling time, it isn’t about you or me, left or right, etc. or etc. this is about each of us alone and all of us collectively.

What does it mean to wear hair while living under survival conditions, out of work, stay at home, lose your job or business?  In the big scheme of things it means nothing and isn’t anywhere as important as you, your family, friends, neighbors and fellow human beings so let’s not worry about it for now.

I’ve had a few calls of late with customers asking if I’m OPEN.  To that I say YES, everything is as usual here, production is back on track at the factory, new products are on the way to me and I am here as always 24/7 ready to help keep you looking your best.  I’m shipping Monday through Friday as usual via USPS Express and Priority Mail delivering your goods in 1 to 3 days so you never have too long to wait.

If you can’t find what you usually order, I suggest you give me a call or send an email and I will see what kind of magic I can make.  I’m often able to find a substitute color or product that will work as well as your “Usual” and keep you on track without missing a beat or stressing out.  The factory is always working and I am also able to check to see if anything in particular is almost ready to ship, so there is never any need to wonder or worry, I’ll get the info you need.  Don’t get frustrated, let me help that’s what I’m here for.   612-423-7483

When I started HN the country was going through a huge economic downfall and most of my early customers were guys who were on contracts and had invested a lot of money with hair replacement “Clubs”, they had lost their jobs and could no longer afford the monthly service charges and the high cost of the hair system itself, they all have become masters of the DIY hair replacement.  Most started out with custom hair, we got them switched to stock hair and they never went back.  With stress free ordering from HN, you know you can get your hair in a timely manner along with all your attachment and cleaning supplies.   The difference this time is that most of us are homebound so the hair piece isn’t so necessary right now. Many are out of work or furloughed and dealing with diminished or no wages at all, I know well how it is when priorities change.  Like all small businesses, I’ve been greatly impacted by Covid-19 HN business has dropped by more than half but I’m lucky to have the factory behind me and I can assure you that product will keep coming in so when you are ready, when you need hair, it will be here ready to ship out the door to you.

Please stay well, keep your distance, wash your hands and know that you are all in my thoughts.  Peace!  😉