Hi,Mary and HN, your hair pieces are the best! Thanks for your excellent service, I am very happy to find your web site, as you know I have been ordering different pieces for over a year and I am very satisfied with the pieces. I cut the base 8 and a halve by six inches, I cut it shorter in the front and sides and leave the back long. All the pieces are excellent, I wear the CEO 1 B with 30 or 40 % gray, is very easy to handle and last me quite a while. I am a retired professional ,but I like to work around my house and I live in the tropic where is hot all year. I swim in my pool with the hair on and sweat ,the pieces I wear are easy to clean and durable, have no complaints and also I find your prices fair. The president is also very durable and strong, but is not wise for me to wear it often due to the high temperatures of my country Puerto Rico. I still need to try the Chairman and the Executive,but I am sure they are excellent pieces.
I have been wearing a toupé for the last 14 years ,tried different stores and hair clubs, but since I found HN I would stick to it ’till the end.
Thanks HN for all the good ,fast and reliable service.
Best regards,


(an HN satisfied customer since 2010)