Jordan Rhodes

I’m Jordan Rhodes and I’ve been an actor for all of my adult life. Having lost my hair early in my twenties, I’ve worn hair pieces & hair systems for years, in all types of action on the screen, Gunbattles, chases, and here on Adam-12 struggling with one of the cop-stars. Even tried transplants for awhile.

Today, I wear systems from HAIR-NECESSITIES. Order them on-line and they’re the best. For years I paid hundreds of dollars for hair systems, but HAIR-NECESSITIES not only keeps me looking good on screen or off, but they are affordable and look great. No one has to be an actor to want to look their best.

So whether I’m working in a film, on stage or just going out for an evening, I always feel like I look my best with the help of HAIR-NECESSITIES. Check them out on the Internet or give them a call. They can do a custom system just for you for hundreds less than anything you can get from Hollywood, and they offer Stock Systems right out of the box that will work for most people – and the cost is truly unbelievable!

You don’t have to go without hair unless you want to – and you don’t have to be an actor to afford the best! HAIR-NECESSITIES, right from the comfort of your own home.