Choosing Between a Stock Hair Piece and Custom Hair

When deciding between ordering custom hair or stock hair pieces there are a few issues to take into consideration up front. First can you be accommodated with stock hair pieces? If you’ve worn stock hair pieces in the past and it worked for you and you were comfortable with stock I would suggest you stick with it. Stock hair replacement systems are generally very consistent in many ways. The ventilation, base size and contour are always the same. Stock hair replacements become a part of the production that never varies as the specifications are set and the job of the manufacturer is to keep that consistent with every piece that’s made.

Custom is required when a stock hair piece won’t work because of size, color, hair density, hair style, contour and frontal design. Generally speaking most will be accommodated with stock but there is nothing like a custom system for best in fit and appearance. We can help you determine what will be best for you based on your requirements and desires. Call us for a Free Phone Consultation and we’ll tell you honestly which way we think you should go. Naturally we make more money on a custom order but we want you to be happy and come back to us for your future hair replacement needs and we really do want what is best for you.