Hair Piece Shampoo and Conditioning for Permanent Attachment

Permanent and Semi-Permanent attachment – this means you are wearing your system 24 hours a day and at least 5 to 21 days a month.

You are no doubt cleaning your hair system in the shower. We strongly suggest that you start with a good quality shampoo containing protein. We also suggest you invest in a small plastic travel size bottle to keep in your shower. Remember that your system is made up of a mesh or synthetic skin base so you have to be sure to clean thoroughly and gently.

Stand with your back to the shower head and tilt your head back so the water flows from your forehead back and down your back. You want to avoid direct shower flow in one spot on your head. The pressure from the shower, even low pressure, can cause the hair to back into the base of your system. This is called inversion and the hair will tangle on the underside of the base causing subsequent hair loss and definitely discomfort. Having the water flow back and forth from your forehead down keeps the hair going in one direction and will prevent tangling and inversion.

Put a small amount of shampoo into your plastic bottle, add water and dilute your shampoo. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and distribute to your head. If you have a squirt top for your bottle, you can distribute the shampoo using the bottle and in both cases use all the diluted shampoo.
Lather gently by pressing the shampoo through the hair and into the base of your system. Allow the shampoo to work but avoid rubbing or scrubbing your head. This will insure your hair and scalp are clean while avoiding any harmful friction to the hair.

The reason for diluting the shampoo is to make it easier to rinse from the hair and base material of your system.
Rinse thoroughly then rinse thoroughly again. It is important to get the shampoo totally rinsed from your hair and especially the base of your system.

If you use a rinse out conditioner you can use the same system of diluting the conditioner however, we strongly suggest leave in conditioner or conditioning only your hair. At all cost if you apply conditioner directly gently work the conditioner on to the hair with our finger tips and make all efforts to avoid too much contact with the base of your system then rinse thoroughly and rinse thoroughly again.

Gently pat dry your hair, apply a leave in conditioner and any styling products and if possible allow to air dry. If you do need to use a hair dryer we recommend you use an ionic dryer to limit the loss of moisture to your hair.