Have you thought about your scalp lately??

Ah sweet summertime when the grass is green the sky is blue and the heat and humidity are up.  Makes your scalp itch doesn’t it?

Scalp and skin care is important in the summertime and even more so if your covering your head with a hair system.  Think about it–what do you get when you combine a moist damp environment with heat and darkness–Fungi, bacteria possibly mushrooms.  Well you might not find mushrooms under your system but the environment is ripe for bacterial growth.  In the summer and for those who have an active physical lifestyle the environment under your system should be of concern to you.

There are a few simple tips for keeping your skin and scalp in the best condition possible during the summer that you may not be aware of.

  1. Be sure that you keep your scalp as clean and oil free as possible. If you apply your system daily be sure that you clean your scalp well before application.  Shampoo and rinse, rinse, rinse then rinse some more. (See point 5 if you’re washing your system on your head or are permanently attached)
  2. Avoid really hot water when washing. Hot water signals the body to turn on the air conditioning system and that means sweat.  Sweating not only produces more moisture on the scalp it also can be drying and when the skin is dry another signal is sent for the oil glands to start producing more oil and the vicious cycle begins.  This goes for your entire body so keep the water temperature down and in the warmer months try a lukewarm to cool shower.  Your body will be able to adjust better to the outside temperature and you’ll keep those pesky oil and sweat glands a little more under control.
  3. Use an astringent agent on your scalp before applying your system. HN has a great product that is very inexpensive our Blue Skin Care, that not only helps to remove additional oil on the scalp it also closes the pours on the scalp discouraging perspiration and oil secretion   This amazing little product is best applied after showering or shampooing when the scalp is dry and right before you put your system on.  It won’t keep the natural production of sweat and oil from showing up entirely but it will start you out with your skin in the best possible condition it can be in before applying your system.
  4. Use a skin protector on your skin in the area of your tape or adhesive application to give your skin a little extra protection against evil that may lurk under your system. HN now carries DAVLYN Skin Protector just for this purpose.  After your scalp has been cleaned and the astringent effect has taken place (and dried) with the use of the HN Skin Care, you simply apply the Skin Protector to the area of attachment.  Skin Protector is just what it’s name implies and creates a waterproof layer between your scalp and your tape or adhesive attachment.  It’s a simple easy to use product that you definitely should not be without.
  5. For permanent attachment or extended wear, hair wearers who shampoo with their system on the head you’ll follow the same procedure prior to application but here are a few things you should do when you shampoo in between your system application. Your shampoo should be diluted before shampooing.  Put a little shampoo in an bottle or glass and dilute it with water.  Apply the diluted shampoo to your hair and work into a light lather.  Press the shampoo into the top of your system down onto your scalp then RINSE THOROUGHLY.  If you use a rinse out conditioner use the same technique.  If you think about it, those who clean their systems off the head do so in a basin of water where the shampoo has been added prior to immersing the system into the basin hence diluting the shampoo.  Diluting the shampoo and conditioner will make it that much easier for the shampoo/conditioner to be effectively rinsed from the knots and base material of your system.  The key is to rinse really well.  Because your system is made up of knotted hair and mesh or lace material there are all those little places where residue from the shampoo and conditioner can get stuck in the knots and in the mesh.  This residue mixed with perspiration and body oil can help that bacteria to grow and can cause damage to the base and especially the hair of your system.  The combination of body fluids and residue will literally cause the knots to rot leading to hair loss.  Now haven’t you had enough hair loss in your life already???

To sum it all up–stay clean–stay cool–protect your skin–and RINSE RINSE RINSE!!!!!

Have a Great Summer!