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My God, You’re Handsome!” “Your Resemblance to Kevin C..t..r is Uncanny!” “You’re How Old? No Way!”

So, my blogger name is Bogie, (a nickname I picked up because I’m a big Bogart fan, okay, and because I shoot above par), and this will be the first of many posts to this blog which I want to share with you visitors to the Hair Necessities (H&N) Website. To you, I say hello and welcome. My real name is Bobby and, well, I am not just a blogger for the company, I’m a client as well . . . (If you’re not at least in your forties, you may not get the reference).

In this first post I want to start out by saying;

  1. I do not own any part of the I have no connection to H&N other than being a client myself and have volunteered to share some posts to this blog. Why would I do that? Because I am so impressed with them? Yes, but wait—there’s more. Did I mention that my life completely changed (after becoming an H&N client), and headed down a direction I could never have imagined possible? Seriously, its true and I’m grateful. ‘Nuff said.
  2. The things I share in these post are completely unsolicited, and completely true, (unless of course I’m lying—Just kidding. As you can tell, I hope to establish a rapport with you, my readers, (is it working yet?) and being a former professional comedian, I will use humor whenever I can, so indulge me).
  3. I am not here to sell you anything, but rather share thoughts, ideas, benefits, maybe new products to think about, a couple of jokes here and there, and anything else that seems pertinent, helpful, fun to talk about, and perhaps, some personal things I have experienced since trusting H&N and becoming their client. Which brings me to the organized statements below and the random ones at the top, which I cleverly used to catch your attention, (he said, while twisting his arm around to pat himself on the back.). They are 100 percent true statements and experiences I have personally had that I can, directly or indirectly, attribute to H&N.

(Go ahead, read them. You know you want to. Trust me, there’s a method to my madness.)


  • You look so handsome,” my (late) mom had said to me, with tears rolling down her
  • Oh, my God! Dad, I can’t believe it! What a difference!” my oldest daughter said, beaming a 1000 watt smile upon seeing me for the first time since taking the plunge.
  • No way! I thought you were only _ years old!” Yes, I left it blank and no, not because it’s not polite to talk about my age, which it is.  It’s blank because I’ve heard that same statement spoken to me at every age I’ve lived since becoming an H&N
  • And ladies? He’s single!said the host of the celebrity based writers group in southern California to the 65 attractive women present. (This one was a favorite).
  • Would you be my escort to the (BIG) computer software company’s Christmas Party in Boston?asked one of the original, and now extremely wealthy, executives that had been with Bill, her boss, since the beginning.
  • You really impressed the VP’s of the (BIG) soup company and the (BIG) appliance company. They talked about you for more than two weeks,” shared the VP of the Cambridge based consulting firm to fortune 500 companies.
  • You’re one of the best looking men I’ve ever seen on this dating site . . .” (Another favorite).
  • You’re Hired! You will be replacing Allison and handling a couple of our fortune 500 consulting clients, like (Big – soft drink) company and (BIG – communication) company.”
  • Of course I’ll marry you!”

Impressive, right? They weren’t meant to be, and I didn’t list them because I have a big head. I am a very humble guy. In fact, its hard to be this humble when you’re as great as I am. (Again, just kidding) I said there’s a method to my madness (I hate cliches`). Keep reading, we’re almost done.

I only listed, or, displayed them to demonstrate 3 things really; 1. The first and most obvious consequence of becoming an H&N client was that it dramatically changed my looks, and my overall appearance, and thus, 2. totally changed my confidence level to such amazing heights that all kinds of doors opened for me that previously never would. I’m talking business and financial opportunities, friendships, including those of the romantic nature, and so much more. And lastly, 3. Because of the KISS principal. Yes, the KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, thing. If all those experiences could and did happen to me, it’s a sure bet, great things, can and will happen for you too, if you make the same stupidly simple decision I did: to join the H&N family. And by that I mean, get off the fence and purchase a hair system. (By-the-way, they really do treat you like your family).

Okay, so I just reread what I have written for this first H&N blog post and it reads a bit like a commercial to me. Sorry, that was not my intention. That said, the reason you are on the H&N website in the first place, means you are either already a client or you are contemplating becoming one. If the latter is the case, I hope my personal shared experiences have helped you make the decision. And if you are the former, I hope I’ve spurred some similar memories and experiences you’ve enjoyed. In fact, I would love to hear them. By all means, please sit down, and take a few moments to put some of them down in an email to me so I can share them with our growing community here, or, you can leave a comment. See my email below. In addition, I would love to hear from my readers on any other pertinent matters so I can share them in a post, including any good jokes too. (Mine will be forthcoming)

Okay, I’m done. Hope I’ve held your interest and gained your trust . . . and made you chuckle. Until next time ,

Here’s looking at you kid.