How to Apply Hair Piece Tape

Be sure that your system is clean and your tape tabs are free of any oils or conditioning agents. Wiping the tape tab with alcohol before starting will help eliminate any residual oil. Find a contour that best suits your systems design. You may also find it easier to use tape that comes in a roll and cutting the pieces to fit your system exactly. Remove the liner and place the tape to the underside of the base and to the edge of the tape tab. Press firmly to the tab. You can also assure good adhesion by rubbing the tape backing with the back of a brush, flat part of a comb or plastic card (like a credit card). When the tape is firmly attached you will find it easy to peel away the backing of your tape and apply.

Applying your system to your head

Before applying you may want to prep your scalp for the attachment as well. We have a great Skin Care product that removes any residual oils, calms the skin, closes the pours preparing your scalp for the attachment and the days wear.

Starting in the front, place your system on your head, in the proper location, and gently roll the system back adjusting it into place as you go. Once the system is completely down and sitting correctly on your head, press the tape firmly into place. You’re now ready to do your final styling and you’re out the door.