How to Remove Your Hair Replacement Safe and Easy

The biggest mistake hair wearers make when removing their hair replacement systems is pulling the whole thing off. Even if your tape has broken down you should always use remover during this process. A little remover on a cotton swab or pad applied to the edge of the tape area works wonders. Gently work the swab or pad around the edge of your system breaking the adhesion bond without pulling the tape off your skin. Starting in the back gently remove your system rolling it forward until you reach the front edge. Using the remover in this process will not only keep your tabs in better shape by eliminating stress, it will also protect your skin. Think about removing a band aid. A quick pull will keep the sting down but it will also take hair and skin cells with it—which seems counter productive to me.

Once your system is removed you may begin the cleaning and total tape removal process.

For the sake of your skin and the integrity of your system PLEASE use remover for all aspects of your removal and cleaning process of tape tabs.