Long Term Hair Pieces vs. Disposable Hair Pieces

Choosing between long term hair pieces and disposable hair pieces is a personal choice usually based on financial and esthetic reasons. Throw Away systems are very thin and light weight and are generally made with very light ventilation or looping methods and usually are made using thin polyurethane skin or lace. They are made to NOT hold up for more than 1 to 3 months. While I personally feel that throw away systems are simply poor quality cheap systems that require they be tossed after a short period of wear they are viable and there are many out there wanting this type of system. We will gladly produce this type of product for anyone interested in a monthly system change.

Longevity from a hair piece is really kind of a relative concept. Our basic stock systems while originally designed for Program Selling have a pretty good life expectancy. We’ve found from our customers that based on lifestyle and care of the system our stock pieces have been found to last anywhere from 6 months to a year. The reason is the quality of the production. However, longevity for many means the system should last for one to two years or more. If longevity is a requirement we can definitely build a system for that and would suggest NextGen™ fiber is added to any system in which longevity is the main requirement.

Another important factor to the longevity of any hair system is the application and wear of the system. If you are permanently or semi permanently attached and keep you hair on your head 24 hours a day and 5 to 21 days at a time we strongly suggest you have 2 systems. One way to accomplish this is to have an old system repaired and refurbished while a new system is being made. You’ll get a lot of mileage with your hair system by switching it with another each time you need to re-attach. Think of it this way: how would your underwear hold up if you wore the same pair 24 hours a day for 5 to 21 days at a time took it off, cleaned it and put it back on for another 5 to 21 days? UGLY THOUGHT isn’t it?? Having 2 systems at all times has many benefits the most important being that when you do switch you can really thoroughly clean your other system. Even the retailers don’t have this luxury and I can assure you after wearing your hair for an extended period of time it will require more than an half hour to do a proper cleaning and I would anticipate up to 24 hours due to the need to soak the system in cleaner to remove all residue from the hair and base. Check out our 2nd system savings and hair repair service for more info.