NextGen Fiber VS. Cyber Hair

Get used to hearing about new synthetic fibers coming on strong in the hair replacement market.  The availability for good quality human hair is diminishing and the solution will definitely be new High Tech fibers like New Man’s Cyberhair and HN’s NextGen Fiber.

These new High Tech fibers are completely different from the Modacrylic fibers we associate with when we see the word Synthetic and they can’t even be compared when applied to hair replacements, wigs and even hair extensions.

Cyberhair is a nylon fiber that was created to give better curl retention, simulate human hair in light reflection, provide better color retention and most importantly it tolerates heat application allowing the wearer to use curling irons, blow dryers and other heat related styling tools without fear of having the fiber frizz or melt.  The down side to Cyberhair is that it has such good heat resistance it is almost impossible to change the curl pattern should the product be delivered with too much curl or not enough and for someone who is used to working with human hair they will find that Cyberhair while heat resistant is not like wearing human hair and will take the wearer some getting used to.  Cyberhair has been readily available but for many consumers the price is out of range.

NextGen fiber is a Polyester fiber.  It has basiclly the same curl and color retention but it is slightly less heat resistant–by design.  Unlike Cyber Hair, NextGen fiber can be manipulated with heat and will restyle much like human hair but unlike human hair, it will maintain it’s new style until it’s been changed.  Style retention and re-styleability all in one make NextGen fiber more stylist and consumer friendly.  But don’t be fooled both fibers are synthetic and posses the same downsides.  They will both eventually frizz and the hair wearer will find that their base will wear out long before the fiber does so base design is important when choosing these fibers for your system.

Hair-necessities has introduced NextGen fiber to it’s customers and at the same time we will educate any of our customers to all the up and down sides to the fiber.  Unlike New Man, we like to slowly introduce our customers by encouraging blends of human hair and NextGen.  Blending the fiber with human hair allows the consumer to get the benefits of this new High Tech fiber with the familiarity of human hair.  For those currently wearing synthetic fiber the switch to 100% NG fiber is an easy one so we encourage those customers to go for it but for the long time human hair wearers a gradual introduction makes the process easier while the NG fiber helps to buffer the inconsistencies of human hair.

From a price point Cyber Hair and NextGen fiber don’t even come close.  For those who know about Cyber Hair or have purchased a Cyberhair unit will see immediately that price wise NextGen beats Cyber Hair every time.  In almost every market the cost for a 100% NextGen system will come in at two thirds less than the price of Cyberhair and these days price is everything.

If you’re currently in Cyberhair, Synthetic fiber or are experiencing dissatisfaction due to poor quality human hair we welcome you to give us a call or send an e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about our NextGen fiber and assist you to determine what blend is right for you.