Off the Head Hair Piece Cleaning

You want to start your off the head cleaning with removing any tape, adhesive and residue from the tape tabs, base, lace front and hair.

Always use Adhesive remover when removing tape from the tape tab area. Even if you have a durable heavier tape tab, it will allow the tape to be easily removed eliminating any chance of damage to your system this is particularly important with all skin systems. We also recommend soaking your system in our Yellow Cleaner/Conditioner. This is a safe and effective all natural product that effectively breaks down the adhesives and loosens any residue in the mesh, lace or hair. To get that stubborn accumulation from your system use a “SOFT” bristle tooth brush and gently brush the residue away from the base and hair.

Once the tape, adhesive and residue have been removed, add a capful of shampoo to a basin or plastic container. Add lukewarm water and emulsify the shampoo in the water. Place your system base side up in the basin and gently swish in the soapy water. You may let your system sit for several minutes if you wish. (We suggest you repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times to assure all the cleaner/conditioner or solvent has been removed from the system) Rinse your system under lukewarm running water for at least 3 minutes and check to be sure all adhesive and solvent residues have been removed. Repeat the washing of your system if necessary.

If you choose to use rinse out conditioner, add a capful to your clean basin. Fill with water and emulsify the conditioner. Allow your system to soak for a minimum of 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

(When rinsing, hold your system by the front and allow a low pressure stream of water flow from the bottom of the base through the hair.)

Place your clean system on a clean absorbent towel and gently roll the towel with the system inside to remove excess water. Holding the system by the front of the base gently wave in the air to fluff the hair. You can then apply leave in conditioner and any styling product you choose. Gently brush into your desired style and let air dry if possible.

Before re-applying your tape or adhesive you may want to wipe the tape tab with a small amount of alcohol to remove any conditioner residue that may be on your tabs. This will allow for your attachment to work at its optimum.